donderdag 16 september 2010

Even more hobbies

Here is my last new hobby: my new-to-me loom, the Lou√ęt Spring, 12 shafts, 14 treadles.
It is a countermarch loom, so it creates a great shed.
 I picked it up  about 180 km away from us and when we got home I took it apart, so I could make sure all parts were hanging and standing right. I was lucky to get the booklet with it.

I warped it with some yarn I got from an old lady, it was perfect for this job.

I started with a sample using only 4 shafts, always start simple ;-)

Th picture on the left is the result, it's all kinds of simple twills, I didn't have to tie the treadles again, because of my 14 treadles, I did all kind of tie-ups in the first place. The selvedges on the different twills have a different draw-in.

Then I re-threaded and re-sleighed so I could weave Summer and Winter, with some different variations also with different thickness of yarns.

Once again I cut it off and re-threaded to 8-shaft, at least some of the threads, so I could try to weave my name.
It was difficult, but it was only a sample, but at least I succeeded.
I like to make dishtowels with the name of the receiver on it, so this was something I had to try very early in my weaving adventures.

Then I tried some weaving-software on my computer and created a draft, I warped my loom again an started to weave, it is an 8-shaft pattern with a tabby-pick between the pattern-picks:

I warped un-dyed tencel, not very thin, 10 threads per cm (25 epi, approximately) on my warping-board, enough for two shawls and dyed it with procion dye.
When the shawls are ready ( I am going to treadle the second in a different way) I am going to dye them again, each a different colour.
I can't wait to see how it looks.

In the mean time I am still spinning an want to make enough yarn to weave a handspun shawl.
I dyed merino roving in three colours an spun random pieces.
I'm going to make a 2-ply.

dinsdag 29 juni 2010

Victorian Corset

Recently some women of the ZelfLingerieMaken-forum decided to do a Corset-sewalong, I decided to join.
We agreed to use the Laughing Moon pattern #100 .
In fact on the patternpaper you can find two patterns, the Dore and the Silverado.
I have made the Silverado.

On the left you can see some of the equipment I used to build the corset.

We ( my husband and I ) had to put the end-caps on the spiral steel boning, we decided to use them for the plastic coated steel boning too. It was a lot of work, very heavy. 

As you can see there are many bones in the corset and I added one more on the side.
The corset weighs a lot!

On top I inserted a lilac ribbon in the binding, so I can pull the top a little tighter if it's necessary. My mannequin isn't really my size, although it seems so in the picture. She has less centimeters in the round, her waist is slightly shorter and the hips a little broader, in comparison to me 
You can see that he lacing in the hips is a little wider, on me it's a straight lacing-line, although the gap is 5 cm wider ;-)

maandag 22 maart 2010

SWAP op de Lingerieforumdag

Jos (nickname Bajmie on the Lingerieforum) liked the socks I made for Saskia and I like the bags she sews (to be seen at her blog).
We agreed to make a little swap, she would make a bag for me and I would spin, dye and knit a pair of socks for her.Last saturday we had the exchange on the "Vijfde Zelflingeriemaakdag".
She had given me a few colours she liked and vice versa.
Below are the results, we were both very content.
She couldn't decide which one to give me, so I got all three of them, I like them all very much.
Thank you again Jos.
As you can see most of the women were wearing purple, which was the theme of the day, several women had made lingerie in purple to show there.
The socks are a shade of purple too, although in the pictures it looks greyish.


dinsdag 12 januari 2010

Sokken voor Saskia

I made this socks for DD1 during the winterholidays. The yarn is Texelaar, I spun the wool, that I dyed first, in to a single, then I Navajo-plied it, in that way you keep the colours together, as much as possible.
They are really warm and, as you can see, colourful.
I knitted them toe-up, two-at-a-time.

Deze sokken heb ik in de kerstvakantie gemaakt voor mijn oudste dochter.
Ik heb de texelaar eerst geverfd, toen gesponnen en vervolgens Navajo getwijnd, zodat de kleuren mooi bij elkaar zijn gebleven.
Dochterlief vindt ze heerlijk warm en natuurlijk kleurig.Ik heb ze vanaf de teen, twee tegelijk gebreid.