woensdag 17 oktober 2012

And more creations

Dying tencel (Webs-20/2 natural) for a shawl for my SIL

On the Jane loom, I forgot to take a picture when it was done, because it was a gift, I didn't think of it.

Cheesecake, I made it with low-fat cream cheese and it was delicious


Waffle weave towels I

Waffle weave towels II

Waffle weave towels III

Corsettop in purple for my youngest dd, for a Gala-party at her school, with a matching 6-panel skirt, I designed it myself.

Fitting between sewing-sessions.

On the big event with her boyfriend, who won a t-shirt that night which all the soccerplayers had signed. Apparently he is wearing it ;-)

dinsdag 2 oktober 2012


I start where I left off, though I didn't take a picture of everything I made.
Here's the first selection, more to come

8-shaft fine tencel twill on my Jane 1

8-shaft fine tencel  twill on my Jane 2

Some cottolin dishtowels
A cake my youngest daughter gave to me for Mothers Day

Scarf for my MIL made from handspun merino

Scarf close-up; plain weave and twill

Sampling for turned twill tencel yardage, meant for a shirt for DH

Almost done!

Right of the loom

Washed and ironed