maandag 22 maart 2010

SWAP op de Lingerieforumdag

Jos (nickname Bajmie on the Lingerieforum) liked the socks I made for Saskia and I like the bags she sews (to be seen at her blog).
We agreed to make a little swap, she would make a bag for me and I would spin, dye and knit a pair of socks for her.Last saturday we had the exchange on the "Vijfde Zelflingeriemaakdag".
She had given me a few colours she liked and vice versa.
Below are the results, we were both very content.
She couldn't decide which one to give me, so I got all three of them, I like them all very much.
Thank you again Jos.
As you can see most of the women were wearing purple, which was the theme of the day, several women had made lingerie in purple to show there.
The socks are a shade of purple too, although in the pictures it looks greyish.


3 opmerkingen:

Jos zei

Ze zitten echt super Maartje, dankjewel!

Diana 'poetsie' zei

dat is een goede ruil geweest.

Phebe zei

beautiful socks!