donderdag 16 september 2010

Even more hobbies

Here is my last new hobby: my new-to-me loom, the Louët Spring, 12 shafts, 14 treadles.
It is a countermarch loom, so it creates a great shed.
 I picked it up  about 180 km away from us and when we got home I took it apart, so I could make sure all parts were hanging and standing right. I was lucky to get the booklet with it.

I warped it with some yarn I got from an old lady, it was perfect for this job.

I started with a sample using only 4 shafts, always start simple ;-)

Th picture on the left is the result, it's all kinds of simple twills, I didn't have to tie the treadles again, because of my 14 treadles, I did all kind of tie-ups in the first place. The selvedges on the different twills have a different draw-in.

Then I re-threaded and re-sleighed so I could weave Summer and Winter, with some different variations also with different thickness of yarns.

Once again I cut it off and re-threaded to 8-shaft, at least some of the threads, so I could try to weave my name.
It was difficult, but it was only a sample, but at least I succeeded.
I like to make dishtowels with the name of the receiver on it, so this was something I had to try very early in my weaving adventures.

Then I tried some weaving-software on my computer and created a draft, I warped my loom again an started to weave, it is an 8-shaft pattern with a tabby-pick between the pattern-picks:

I warped un-dyed tencel, not very thin, 10 threads per cm (25 epi, approximately) on my warping-board, enough for two shawls and dyed it with procion dye.
When the shawls are ready ( I am going to treadle the second in a different way) I am going to dye them again, each a different colour.
I can't wait to see how it looks.

In the mean time I am still spinning an want to make enough yarn to weave a handspun shawl.
I dyed merino roving in three colours an spun random pieces.
I'm going to make a 2-ply.

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Tijm zei

Zeer geslaagd zeg!!
Bedankt voor het even laten weten dat we hier konden kijken!

Marion B. zei

Geweldig weefgetouw, ik heb zelf een Louet David en die zou ik nooit willen missen, maar zo'n spring.......hmmmmm.
Je hebt een leuk blog, heb me meteen als volger aangemeld en je bij mijn lijst van 'andere blogs' gezet. Kom zeker terug.