vrijdag 18 maart 2011

More weaving

I work on my Louet Spring on the landing, but soon it turned out to be very cold in the autumn, and with this rather cold winter, it was nearly freezing there.
So I bought another little loom early in november:
Louet Jane, I had to put it together myself, but that was not a problem:

I started wit some sampling:

Then I decided to dye some more, but thinner tencel, the warp was a dark reddish pink, this time I dyed the weft while it was still unwoven, so I could control the outcome more.
I was lucky to do that, because once again the colour was to dark.
I dyed another 2000 metres and this time it was right: a beautiful light pink.
I designed a network 3/1/1/3 draft for eight shafts and started weaving:

Therefore another scarf was created:

donderdag 17 februari 2011

Eventually just one shawl...

Here is a close-up of the shawl in my last post.
First I dyed one piece, I wanted it to be darkblue (the warp) and lilac (the weft), but tencel takes dye much easier than cotton, so the complete cloth became dark-purple, a nice color, but not what I was looking for, you couldn't see the wavy pattern anymore, so I dyed the second piece with very little purple dye.

This time it was exactly what I wanted.
It has a very nice drape, it is warm, but not too hot, it isn't itching, in short:


I like it very much and I may weave one exactly like this, but different colors.